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In the realm of soft goods, it's not just about the design, screen printing, or even the manufacturing process. It's about crafting a legacy...

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Have you ever heard the famous quote by Elmer Wheeler "Don't sell the steak, sell the sizzle?".

The meaning is as true today as it was in the 1950's, people don't buy a product or service, they buy the RESULT of that product or service.

In the world of fitness, it's not just about the exercise routines or the gym equipment; it's about the journey to become the best version of yourself. Imagine the feeling of looking in the mirror and seeing the body you've always dreamed of, the surge of confidence that comes with it, and the allure you exude. This is what drives people – not just the sessions with a personal trainer or the gym membership, but the promise of transformation, both physically and in how they feel about themselves.

In the realm of soft goods, it's not just about the design, screen printing, or even the manufacturing process. It's about crafting a legacy. When you come to us, you're investing in more than just merchandise; you're stepping into the spotlight of brand revolution. Picture this: your brand transforms into an iconic symbol, a badge worn by a devoted following. You're not just looking to make some merch; you're igniting a movement. Every piece of merch becomes a statement, a testament to your vision, resonating with your audience and turning every sale into a celebration of your brand's unique identity and success...and of course, profit with every sale doesn't hurt either.

So, we are going to walk you through why Superior Ink is not just a screen printing company, but an all-in-one partner and the only one you will ever need to take your brand from concept to creation, and ultimately all the way to order fulfillment, so that all you need to do is focus on what you do best...selling the sizzle.

1. Manufacturing A Brand

First off, let's talk about what we mean by brand manufacturing. Say for instance that you are a content creator, you are dang good at your craft and have built a loyal following of both fans and clients, and ... you are quickly climbing to influencer status. Go you! Now of course your business brain kicks in and sees the potential that your brand has to become something big.

But you have no freaking clue where to start. You may become a Google detective at this point and go on a rampage searching for print-on-demand companies, or be tempted to create your own merch by hand. But of course, what would you even put on your merch? And how are you going to find time to do any of this when your business is just taking off?

Enter... Superior Ink...

Our specialty is taking a brand from concept to reality, especially for influencers, content creators, or any brand that has little or no experience in the textile/ soft-goods space. It's what we lovingly refer to as "manufacturing a brand".

2. Create A Custom Product Without The Drama

Often the hardest part of any project is getting started. So, we make that part easy. It all starts with design.

This is often where most people get it wrong...and we are here to tell you that if you get this part wrong, you might as well just start burning cash now.

With a killer design, merch flies out the door. On the flip side, if you go with a traditional boring logo, poorly printed apparel, or low-quality goods to print on you won't have anything worth selling and you'll end up following the masses that just give their merch (aka money) away.

To ensure that doesn't happen to our clients, here at Superior Ink we start with a hand-crafted design that is not only original but serves to propel your brand forward by making it something people want to showcase every time they wear it.

When you come to us for your branded merch needs, our designers work directly with you to craft the perfect design. How's that for "customized"?

3. Choosing High-Quality Products As Your Base

Now that you have the perfect design to showcase, you need a canvas. If you are familiar with us at all, you know we have our favorites. Wanna check out the top 3? You can read all about them in our best blanks blog. But we aren't going to digress too far from the tech stack in this one.

To sum it up, we source high-quality sustainable blanks in a variety of price ranges. Fabrics vary from 100% recycled cotton to purposeful fabric blends. Each T-shirt already has a cult following that makes it a go-to for everyday wear.

Have an eye for a complicated design and a dark color for your apparel? Don't worry about it! We can print on any color you choose, because we also have that covered with a diversity of printing processes that will work to marry the design to the fabric in a sustainable way that guarantees a kickass end product.

The best part? We do all the heavy lifting (figuratively and literally). We do all the research for you and source the apparel directly from our partners. Then we have it shipped right to our shop to prep it for printing. You don't have to lift a finger...or a box.

Tech Stack of MFG

4. Fulfillment At It's Finest

Okay, so we are going to tell you a little secret...that not too many people know. But you've read this far, so why the heck not? We aren't just Superior Ink, we are also Superior Pack Fulfillment. Shhh!!!!

What that means is we are your fulfillment partner and your screen printing partner; we're your all-in-one solution for bringing your brand to life. Our process is simple yet impactful. First, we take care of all the technical stuff – setting up your e-commerce integrations and managing your online store. This means you can focus on selling your products without worrying about the backend details.

Next, we streamline your inventory management. Our software seamlessly connects with your Shopify store, making sure you're always on top of your sales and stock levels. And when it comes to packaging, we offer custom options that make your products stand out and create an unforgettable unboxing experience for your customers.

Bulk orders? No problem. We handle distribution, whether it's large shipments to your business partners or individual orders straight to your customers. After a sale, our efficient pick-and-pack services ensure your products are quickly prepared and sent off.

We don't want you to have to worry about storage either. Our warehouse can safely store any size of order until it’s ready to ship. Plus, we’re committed to the planet, offering eco-friendly packaging options to ensure your brand’s footprint is as green as it can be.

In a nutshell, Superior Ink is here to take your brand from the drawing board to the hands of your customers, making every step along the way smooth and worry-free for you. Sounds pretty cool, right? But wait! There's more! Want a HUGE financial advantage to this whole process?

5. All-In-Costs: The One-Partner Advantage

Here's a question for you: Would you rather pay seven people or just one to take your idea from concept to fulfillment? It's rhetorical because you are reading this... but feel free to answer out loud, no judgment here!

The truth is, it just makes more sense to have one experienced partner to work with at every stage of the process instead of turning your new merch production project into an expensive game of telephone.

What we provide is the opportunity to work with one comprehensive partner versus multiple vendors, giving you the advantage of streamlining all of your operations and focusing completely on building your brand from the front. You are a leader after all, and you need to lead from the front.

Benefits from the financial side:

  • Fewer vendors to pay (aka...cashflow freedom).
  • If you have a bookkeeper or in-house controller, you can lighten their load and keep from paying them more to manage more.
  • Have a clear budget for each apparel run, and know that you are staying within that budget because it's all housed within one production partner.

Benefits from the management side:

  • No expensive miscommunications within the production/ design/ fulfillment process.
  • No wondering where you need to house your soft goods where they won't get damaged or stolen.
  • No hassle knowing that each order is fulfilled in the quickest way possible, arriving fast and perfectly on brand (sustainability included!).

It's clear that having one all-in partner who is experienced and completely equipped for all of the stages of creating and selling merch is a huge advantage, not just logistically but it also adds value, efficiency, and cohesion to your brand. If it isn't clear at this stage in the game, might we recommend a stronger eyeglass prescription?

Meet Your Dream-Weaving, Brand-Building New Best Friends!

As we wrap up this journey through the world of impactful branding and merchandising, it's clear that the right partner can transform your vision into reality. Superior Ink is more than just a screen printing company – we are your all-in-one ally in this exciting venture. We're here to take your brand from a mere concept to a tangible, profitable reality, handling every intricate detail along the way. This is where your journey as a content creator, influencer, or visionary brand owner elevates to new heights.

Why juggle multiple vendors when you can enjoy the streamlined, financially savvy convenience of one experienced partner? With Superior Ink, you're not just cutting down on costs and complexities; you're investing in a partnership that understands and amplifies your vision. From custom designs that resonate with your audience to eco-friendly packaging that speaks of your brand's commitment to sustainability, we’ve got it all covered.

Now, it's your turn to jump. Imagine the possibilities when your ideas are nurtured by a team that's as passionate about your brand as you are. We invite you to get in touch with us, where we can discuss your brand vision and map out an efficient, tailored pathway to bring it to life. Embrace this opportunity to create not just merchandise, but a legacy that resonates with every item sold.

Don't just dream about your brand's potential; let's make it a resounding reality. Reach out to Superior Ink today and step into the future of brand creation – where your focus is on selling the sizzle, and we take care of the steak. Together, let's turn your brand into the next big thing!

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