The Art of T-shirt Fabric

A Deep Dive into the Best T-Shirt Blanks for Sustainable Printing

You know that here at Superior Ink we don't just print shirts, we make sustainability magic! Merch makers often come to us with rad designs ready for print, but then comes the burning question - "What blank should I print on?" It's a legit question given that you've put your heart and soul into not just your designs but the brand those designs represent. You know we are serious about churning out quality prints on materials the earth can be proud of. So, drum roll please...we're excited to dig deep into the anatomy of our top two recommended blanks and why they're the absolute crème de la crème of sustainability. Let's dive in!

Allmade: A T-Shirt Blank Crafted with Precision

Designed by printers, for printers, Allmade is the embodiment of suave innovation. It's like they've got this sixth sense for what printers need, spinning out a rad lineup that goes hand-in-hand with any ink scene you can imagine.

Allmade has the secret sauce: their selection of softer materials is legendary for jiving well with discharge and water-based inks, featuring 40 net singles for a more vibe-locked fiber weave. This tight-knit setup holds onto ink deposits like a dream, leaving traditional carded or plain-Jane cotton eating dust.

When it comes to durability, Allmade shirts are like the action heroes of the textile world. They're put through a grueling boot camp of testing to ensure they've got the backbone to stand the test of time, laying out an arsenal of sturdy options for screen printers and consumers who're all about going the distance.

But Allmade doesn't just talk the talk; they walk the sustainability walk. They've linked arms with Repreve®, a crew known for their eco-credentials, long-haul quality, and all-around good vibes. With recycled polyester chipping in a third of the fabric for All-Made's Tri-Blend shirts, these blanks aren't just looking good – they're saving the planet while they're at it. Every shirt keeps 145 gallons of water from going down the drain, cuts down CO2 emissions by 4 kg, and gives a second chance to about six plastic water bottles.

Another ace up the Tri-Blend's sleeve is the smooth operator known as modal. This ain't your grandma's rayon – it's an eco-friendlier alternative born from the nurturing arms of beech trees, all grown up in forests that are sustainably managed. These guys are seriously committed to keeping things chill, ensuring that the fabric is as soft and breathable as rayon, without any of the nasty chemical vibes.

It's not just the environment that benefits from Allmade's commitment to sustainability either – it's their customers. Their shirts come with a guarantee of quality, too. And if you're worried about fit or feel, you can rest easy: Allmade listens to customer feedback and uses it to craft garments that balance fashion-forward design with comfort and durability. With their closed-loop production, they're able to keep an eye on every step in the shirt-making process and ensure customers are getting blanks they can count on for years down the line, making it a blank you can choose with confidence.

*Disclaimer: here at Superior Ink, you know we are all about transparency, this blog is no different. We are a part of the founding team at Allmade and are passionate about its cause, #feelyourimpact. We believe in the product that Allmade creates and puts out into the world. Interested in just what our full involvement is? Check out this YouTube Video to get the nitty gritty!

Original Favorites:

Enter the world of Original Favorites, where the quest for the ultimate softness in a t-shirt ends. They've chosen to rock their shirts with Supima or Pima cotton – a type of cotton known for being the gold standard worldwide. This isn't just your ordinary comfy tee; it's an upgrade to cloud-nine softness. And when we say soft, we're talking 'baby kitten snoozing on a cloud' level soft. This silky vibe doesn't just feel like a dream; it makes for a dreamy surface to print on, too, giving both the wearer and the screen printer a high five in quality.

When Original Favorites plays the game, they play it premium. They make sure that if you're getting a top-tier tee, you're gonna score a print that's just as superior. It's like the shirt-print version of 'You are what you eat' – high-quality blank equals high-quality print. And that breathable combed cotton texture? That's like the cherry on top of an already delicious sustainability sundae.

But that's not all. Original Favorites didn't just stop at premium; they sprinted the extra mile, earning multiple certifications that showcase their devotion to ethical and eco-friendly considerations. This means when you buy from Original Favorites, you're not just getting a bomb product; you're supporting a brand that genuinely digs sustainability and ethical practices. No toxic dyes, harmful fertilizers, pesticides, or formaldehyde are allowed here – just clean, conscious production.

Plus, we can't help but rave about their transparent supply chain. It's a straight, unobscured road from the farm to the customer (literally... it's all detailed on their website).

As you vibe with both of these brands, it's clear as day: both are killing it! But which one gets your heartbeat racing? That's the question to ask!

Time for a comparison!

Choose The Best Type Of Fabric For Your Merch-Making Needs

When it comes to the battle of the budget, All-Made is the champ. It's a brand that doesn't just respect your creative endeavors but also gives a nod to your wallet. With prices that don't make your bank account sweat, All-Made allows more merch creators to jump aboard the sustainable style train. But don't get it twisted; Allmade doesn't play the affordability card as it's only trump. This forward-thinking brand puts people and the planet at the forefront, committing to a healthier world alongside top-notch apparel.

On the flip side, Original Favorites wears a higher price tag, a reflection of the luxurious quality it proudly embodies. It's like the high-end restaurant of the tee world; you know you're splashing out a bit more, but the taste of the exceptional quality justifies every penny. The trusty materials, ethical and environmental certifications, and print quality that's off the charts - it's a trinity of top-tier.

Unlike All-Made, which cleverly incorporates recycled polyester into its fabric medley, Original Favorites is a purist, sticking strictly to GOTS 100% organic cotton fabric. This commitment isn't just a love letter to the environment; it's a robust stand for the health, safety, and rights of every worker involved in the production process. So, yes, you're spending a bit more cash, but remember, you're investing in a cause that reverberates way beyond the tee in your hands.

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Could This Up-And-Comer Be The Best Blank For You?

Alright, get ready for a curveball! There's a new kid on the block that's turning the heads of bigger brands, and it's coming in hot with a sustainability swagger like no other. We present to you: the District Re-Tee. This little gem isn't just another recycled player in the game; it's a durable statement maker that flips the script, spinning some high-quality yarn.

Constructed from 100% recycled fabric and strutting its original color - never re-dyed - the District Re-Tee remixes the narrative of sustainable t-shirt material. This high-quality tee embraces you in an unrivaled softness, all while championing the cause for a more sustainable fashion world.

But let's clarify something - the District Re-Tee isn't just another brand. Oh no, it's a specific blank within a brand that prides itself on being made from all the things that would have ended up in a landfill. Made of 54% recycled cotton/40% post-consumer recycled polyester/6% recycled rayon.

But let's dish out the tea; this game-changer does have a slight wrinkle in its merch game that might make some merch producers do a double-take. We're talking about heat-pressed labels. If you're looking to white label your prints, the District Re-Tee might make you pause. But wait, don't tune out just yet!

Consider this: the District Re-Tee could be the dream blank for merch production that's rooted in events, fundraisers, educational institutions, and eateries. Consider podcasters and bands who have no problem sporting a branded label on the back, provided the design resonates with their cause, and the exceptional fabric quality bolsters their message. The District Re-Tee isn't just a shirt; it's a sustainable storyteller that lets your passion project do the talking, and it is quite budget friendly to boot! Making it even more ideal for volume and bulk production.

Your Choice, Your Impact, Your Statement

So here's the grand finale, merch maniacs! We've been deep-sea diving into the edgy universe of sustainable t-shirt printing and those rad blanks leading the charge. We've talked about Allmade with their ingenuity and a price tag that smiles at your wallet, Original Favorites dishing out that premium quality with a side of the ethical promise, and let's not forget that hot new contender, District Re-Tee, knocking everyone's socks off with their 100% recycled fabric.

Here's the deal - selecting your blank isn't just about what it becomes; it's about the tale it weaves. It's about getting your brand to jive with a blank that spins to the same rhythm. It's about recognizing that sustainability and style are more like an epic double act than rivals. So, whether you're a boundary-pushing podcast, a band stirring up a storm, or a brand strutting toward the fashion future, your perfect blank is out there, ready to jam.

Never forget, the journey of your merch starts with the blank you vibe with. So don't hold back. Champion sustainability. Opt for quality. Go for a blank that belts out your cause. After all, it's not just a shirt, it's a statement. Let's keep our statements fierce, bold, and unapologetic. So, now the big question...which one will you choose?

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