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YOUR BRAND IS UNIQUE…MAKE YOUR PRODUCT UNIQUE TOO with superior ink relabeling services.

Like any brand or business it is important to set your brand apart. We make it easy and affordable to do that with our custom relabel program. Superior Ink offers several relabeling options for custom t shirt tags including printed tags, woven labels, and custom loop tags. We can also provide you with paper, cardboard or sticker hang tags.

There are a few things to consider when thinking about inside shirt tag printing. First off, it is important to keep the washing and care instructions. It’s common for us to remove the manufacturer tag and replace it with a print. This is an awesome process because most people get annoyed with a paper or cloth tag and rip it out anyway. You might as well eliminate that annoyance and replace it with a soft feel screen print.

Be sure to keep all of the garment information and fabric contents. These are typically icons which show the wash and care instructions such as “wash cold / hang dry” We can certainly help with providing this information and design aesthetic for the custom shirt tag.

What is a printed neck tag?

A screen printed neck tag is a way to relabel your t-shirt by removing the existing label and replacing it with a screenprint which includes your brand logo, size of the garment, the fabric contents and wash / care instructions.

Relabeling is a very unique process which offers a fully customized finished product. This is a great feature for retail display and provides an awesome finished look. Custom printed shirt tags are the most common relabel as they are very cost effective and do not require large minimums.

For different print options and examples, or if you would like to receive a sample pack for inspiration, shoot us an email. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about ready to use templates or free downloads for a reference guide, and can also provide custom design services for printed, woven or custom hang tags.
Fishpond screen printed neck tag

Custom hem tags, woven labels, and loop tags

Woven labels and loops tags are made out of a cloth or threaded material which are then sewn into the neck of the garment or bottom hem seam. This is what you see when you purchase a t-shirt from the store that has the size tag label in the seam. We can remove the manufacturer’s label and relabel it with your own logo to customize the piece.

It is also common to print the inside tag and then sew a custom hem tag, sleeve or outside collar tag. This is a subtle way to add more branding and embellishment to your printed garment. Designing woven tags can be a bit tricky because the logo and text is woven into the tag. You have to be cautious of the size of your text and detail in the design.

We require a minimum of 250 pieces for woven labels. We create the labels and sew them to the garment. Our order minimum is 250 tags, although you don’t have to sew each one on the same order.
Woven label on tall t productions shirt
A hang tag is simply a card, sticker or custom label tacked to the neck or sleeve of the garment. This is often used for retail brands. It is a platform for a SKU label to be applied when in stores. People also apply a sticker to the garment with company info on the back. Packaging a extra flare adds to the quality and appearance of the finished garment. It is certainly something to consider when going to retail or selling at an event. Taking things to the next level and adding your own custom style is important for brand integrity.
Custom made hang tag attached to Fishpond tee
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