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Where did all the stickers come from?

Where did stickers come from and why are they so darn fun to slap on things? Well obviously one of the main reasons is to offer a unique collection of things that interest you and to show support to your favorite company, band, or business. When I was a kid, the sticker job on my snowboard was like a work of art. Each sticker had its own special place. It was almost like if you were rocking the sticker of your favorite company you were part of the team. If you knew about a company or band that others didn’t, you felt unique and offered up a bit of yourself. Stickers represent a collection of your interests and provide a way for you to show your support for those you choose.  Another important application of stickers is to serve as product labels, the application of which dates back to the 1880s where they were used In European markets. Vendors started to draw the attention of potential customers by sticking bright labels onto the packages and goods, particularly their fruit crates. Initially, gum paste helped to hold the stickers on to the packages.

The early 1900s saw the introduction of sticker paste to hold the labels on. It is believed that Avery invented the first self-adhesive sticker in 1935, ultimately founding Avery Labels. Since then, the application of stickers has grown to cover virtually any and all retail goods. They are used as SKU labels, pricing labels, advertisements tags, the list goes on and on. Whether you are producing an awesome graphic for company stickers, band stickers, or box labels, we have you covered. We have thousands of materials to choose from and the options are virtually endless. To learn more, or place an order, visit our Stickers page.

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