Steering Passion into Print - The VAHNA Journey

What if there was something that had the power to lift us up from the present moment, and transport us to a world that is everything we want it to be?

When we are there we forget about our problems, shed any exoskeleton of pretense, and become the most authentic version of ourselves. That version is welcome in this world and by the time we are jolted back to reality, we feel closer to everything that matters to us.

This thing exists, and it’s harnessed in the power of telling a story.

Andrew Campo has written his story about the thing that transports him most of all. Riding motorcycles. His dedication is to inspire passion through what he puts out into the world. As he spoke about the unique features of both his magazine and his passion for motorcycles, there was entrepreneurial electricity in the air.

In his own words “I put on my helmet, I get to meet myself again for a little while”.

This is a man on a mission.

His mission is simple, helping others get that incredible feeling of freedom even if they aren’t on a straight stretch of the open road.

Andrew shares; “ I always have this vision of some person just opening their little drawer at their desk, and our magazine is in there, they are sneaking a peek while they are trying to work…more than that… to know that we can inspire somebody to say,” You know, I'm gonna live my best life and chase my passion.” “

What story could spark such passion for change?

You’ll find plenty of them in Andrew’s quarterly printed (yep… those still exist!) magazine, VAHNA.

When questioned about the name, Andrew enlightens us that it’s taken from a Hindu word, Vahana meaning “Vehicle of the Gods”.

The inspiration for the obsession with motorcycling started at a very young age, and by 4th grade, it had become an important part of life, both for Andrew and his business partner, creative director, Ben Giess.

Growing up in the dirt-bike race scene, bikes became a central part of family bonds, and that feeling is recaptured with every issue of VAHNA. Passion for the bikes and telling the stories of the people that ride them and the places that they take us.

That’s the beauty of VAHNA, it’s not just one person's story or only one perspective on the world. Rather, each issue comes together with collaborations with contributors all around the world. Recently added to the team is Derek Mayberry, another life-long enthusiast ready to take the company to the next level.

Andrew tells us “We’ve built a team of contributors over the last decade that are global. We've got the right photographers and filmmakers. We've got people in all different parts of the planet that we trust with their work and we'll know if that subject is right for that photographer or not…we're a very small team as a business day to day. There are three of us. In the masthead of each magazine, there's a long list of talented people that help us create the book.”

Collaborating with top talent, and aligning VAHNA with the company's values also comes across in the actual production of the magazine. Partnering with a local Boulder, Colorado printer, they are able to maintain the company’s firm stance on offsetting any carbon footprint caused by the printing and production process. In partnership with D&K Printing, VAHNA takes part in a program called Print Relief to create a more environmentally friendly product. With the printing of each issue, they offset thousands of pounds of paper by replanting dozens of trees.

A great example of sustainability by creating an even better product than traditional printing, maintaining the full analog experience that the reader is looking for, including a process that makes the magazine smell amazing.

Why all the effort?

Andrew explains; “We don't cut corners on the weight of the paper, finished inks or anything…because the product is who we are and if we're gonna preserve those stories and words, we want to give it our best”.

These aren’t meant to be single-issue, read-and-toss publications. Rather, VAHNA is a collector's item of sorts, meant to be read, re-read, and cherished for a lifetime.

This mentality is carried over into the other top-of-the-line production process of the company, apparel.

Andrew continues; “We’ve been building a casual brand out of the foundation of a publication”, Superior Ink has been instrumental in that process. Dom has everything figured out from a merchandise standpoint and we definitely see eye to eye on things.”

Game recognizes game, and Ben Giess was the first one to draw the company’s attention to Superior Ink’s early days of bootstrapping to now being a go-to expert in the industry.

This partnership with us here at Superior Ink makes it easier for the team at VAHNA to focus on what they do best. It’s exciting to watch as VAHNA grows into the brand it’s destined to be.

The focus on sustainability and doing away with the single-use attitude that both merch production and paper printing can create is the perfect marriage of passion and purpose.

Andrew acknowledges that this path is more about purpose than it is about paycheck.

Sharing an experience that really drives this point home; “We put on a ride every year, for the most beautiful little girl in the world named Sophie, she's out of Boulder Colorado and it's a very very rare disease called MCTO. And there's been very little research done for her disease so we do an annual fundraiser for an amazing little girl and an amazing family out of Boulder and we bring the community together. And at the end of the day, those things are not business moves… they are a great reflection of who you really are.”

In the shifting terrain of passion, purpose, and print, Andrew Campo and his team at VAHNA navigate their journey with an unyielding commitment to authentic storytelling and sustainable practices.

The birth of their motorcycle magazine is a testament to the transformative power of stories—those that inspire, those that invite us into a world beyond the daily grind, and those that can incite us to live our best lives. Beyond the intoxicating allure of motorcycling, Andrew and VAHNA tap into a deeper understanding of our shared humanity, offering us an experience that is both intimate and expansive, personal yet universal.

Through each page of VAHNA, Andrew proves that stories are not just about telling; they are about discovering, about connecting, about inspiring. The magazine's purpose-driven mission, combined with its dedication to sustainability and community, provides a blueprint for other entrepreneurs and enthusiasts looking to turn their passions into meaningful ventures.

VAHNA's story serves as an illuminating beacon, reminding us that the journey matters just as much as the destination and that the road to success is often paved with passion, collaboration, and an unswerving commitment to authenticity and sustainability. In the world of VAHNA, the ride is indeed the reward.

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