The Real Reason to Print Sustainably

Have you ever researched the textile industry? I mean really researched it?

Let me save you the trouble and give you some of the highlights (or damning lights) of what information that research would produce.

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The truth is that these facts of the textile industry could keep on going, each fact scarier than the next. It's easy to feel helpless like there's not much we can do to influence the $993.6 billion Global textile industry.

Especially when there are companies out there trying to trick consumers with what is the industry calls, "Greenwashing".

Greenwashing simply means that companies overstate their sustainability efforts to seem greener than they are. This deceit is intentional, getting environmentally conscience consumers to put their trust in companies that plant a tree and call themselves carbon neutral, with no intention of actually changing any of their practices.

The cure for this? Educated consumers and transparent brands.

So, let's address the elephant in the room and talk about what we at Superior Ink do to earn our sustainability claim and keep our practices ethical, our merch of the highest quality, and align with each of our consumer's core values to do our best to create an industry where waste and pollution are eliminated.

When you do business with us, whether it's ordering merch, shipping orders, or partnering with us for raw materials, we want you to feel like you are working with the very highest sustainability standards.

Our mission is to better the environment, save the planet, and make our current collapsing industry thrive by making conscience decisions to become greener.

Need a refresher on our sustainability practices? Check out our YouTube Video on the topic:

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