Superior Ink | Why Was Superior Ink Started?

Superior Ink | Why Was Superior Ink Started?

With so many unique and thought provoking words in our language, there are very few that have a stronger meaning than “superior”. It is simple and strong, and yet it has an indicative and straightforward meaning. This is not particularly easy to live up to. The reason for creating this company did not come from one pivotal moment, an epiphany, or some whimsical idea. It came from years of observation and the desire to improve an industry that was becoming stagnant and had a thirst to evolve.

I’ve often heard the term “adapt or die”. For brands and business, especially streetwear and fashion companies, there is nothing more true. Trends come and go quicker than ever before. The need for creativity and individual freedom in a world filled with glamour, fame, and instant gratification, is a breeding ground for adaptation.

They say the only constant is change. The question is: what kind of change is to come, and more importantly, what can I do to insure the change created is not only good, but powerful, positive, and long lasting. Growing up, there was one spark that ignited my passion creating apparel. This stemmed from the absolute addiction to an industry where I felt that anything you set your mind to was possible. I lived and breathed action sports: snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing...  Action sports took over my life. It was what woke me up in the morning and the only thing I could think of to put me to sleep.

When I wasn’t skateboarding or riding mountains, the next best thing and number one connection to this passion was the thread on my back. Whether it be the pants I wore, my t-shirt, hoodie, shoes, or the stickers on my notebook, I couldn’t represent or wear a brand that didn’t have an affiliation to the industry that embodied who I was.  The fabric on my body was literally the single most important part of my self expression and creative identity. As I got older, I started to learn more and more about the people, the process, and the philosophy behind the brands that I was so connected to. I asked myself “Who is creating this stuff? Who is designing it, producing it, and more importantly, where is it going? What is next for the industry?”

The more I learned about how apparel was made, the more I wanted to be a part of the creation and process. You could argue that the single most integral part of the apparel was the messaging and the brand promise. It was not as much what the physical garment, but what is on it. This lead me down the path of sure curiosity as to how to print my thoughts, creatives, and ideas (good or bad) on apparel. Screen printing was a term that kept coming up.

When this interest started to grow rapidly, the internet was still a baby and I was still another punk kid in high school. The World Wide Web was just starting to hatch out of its shell, so the endless knowledge and surplus database was not at my fingertips. It took real sweat, equity, and hard core research. Not the research we have now, typing questions into Google with thousands of instant results. Research like physical literature, phonebooks, and talking to people knee deep in the industry. Learning and digesting everything I could about screen printing and apparel manufacturing made me realize something: Why couldn’t anyone create a brand? There were thousands of kids that loved the same industry. By nature, action sports attracts creatives. I thought “There should be a platform for everyone to spread messaging and create a sub culture for consumer driven brands, our own way of creating style and passion.” This is where the journey began.

After several years of mistakes, a new identity and entity emerged. Through the first leg of this journey, I started an apparel brand called Neovolt. It was a huge passion project that taught me so much about the industry. Learning and adapting to what worked and what didn’t was a huge part of the process. This was a way to create style, spread ideas, and our passions to others. Through this process, I had made about every single mistake you can make the first wave of this business. But it was a way to create, it was a way to inspire, it was a way to feel free.

Thinking about all of the connections and relationships that  were forming from building this company, I started to realize how many great people had so many great ideas. Maybe it was time we shifted to utilize all the capabilities as a foundation to help others fuel their creative side. Imagine the possibility of concepts and designs if we are able to harness creative freedom and provide the ability to replicate these ideas to any and everyone! From those beliefs and direction shift, Superior Ink was born, and the real process began.

The desire to build a brand where anything was possible grew. It was time to bring this to our influencers, other visionaries, and thought leaders to widen the audience and deliver a tangible creation process to anyone who had something to say, or a passion to build on. Building a company for people's dreams to come alive was the new mission. We would stop at nothing to create a process where the amplification of our thoughts, passion, and creation can be set free and released to a world of style and modern day culture. Superior Ink is the synergy between being your best possible self and the medium to which we use to get us there. To bring that power and positivity to fruition.

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