A Bronco Hot Market Success Story

Superior Ink Stresses the Presses!

After weeks of anticipation, emotion, stress, media hype, and straight up hard work in connection with the Broncos victory, we have finally had time to step away from the craziness and reflect on all that unfolded the week leading up to the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl. Superior Ink was contracted to produce upwards of 10,000 t shrits on a day + night shift for each one of the big games. We put the presses and team to the max and pushed through to get all of the hot market items out to stores by the following morning. We sent hundreds of product packs to King Soopers, JC Penny, Sports Authority and Target, through all hours of the night.



Hot market printing is a breed of its own. With fan loyalty at an all-time high, people are in a craze to buy their winning team’s merchandise. So you can imagine how crucial it is to have gear available the next morning for purchase.Hot market items generally only see a high sales volume for the first 72 hours following a big event, after which time the demand drops considerably. Immediate response production, packing and shipping is absolutely critical in support of hot market demand, and Superior Ink is proud to have been a contributor to meeting this demand in response to the Broncos’ AFC Championship and Super Bowl victories!



The Superior Team gathered the day of the Championship and Super Bowl to watch the game as the outcome would determine our plans for the rest of the night. With a Broncos loss, we would simply have the night off to mourn the loss. On the other hand, a victory would drive us straight into celebration mode by running a grueling 12-hour shift - printing through the night to get shipments out bright and early the following morning. Although we worked through the night, ate three meals of fast food and were sore and tired the next day, we wouldn’t trade it for the world. What an epic way to celebrate the victory of our home team.

The Broncos’ logo is forever burned into our memory. That’s what happens when you look at the same image 10,000 times over! It’s an experience we will never forget. Let’s go get ‘em next year and do it all over again! GO BRONCOS!!

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