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We are proud to design and print tees for our friends at Soular Tattoo Shop in Maui, Hawaii.  Here's a few images of a recent print run.

Printed Tees for Soular Tattoo - Maui

We love building apparel projects for cool companies. Chuck with Soular Tattoo in Maui called us up the other day about getting a new order of shop shirts. We were excited to start brainstorming ideas on how to build a rad design that would help spread some aloha vibes for his clients.  

Chuck has been a customer of ours for years and it is always an honor to work with super talented artists like him. The collaboration process is really awesome when customers have a vision of what they want and can help nurture the creative process. The cool thing about apparel design is that there are so many subtle ways to incorporate good art and branding on the garment.

In this case, rather than going with traditional tattoo design style, we decided to build some photo realism into the logo. We built trees and elements from the island into the structure of the icon. It was a simple process that turned out pretty clean. The logo is shown without slapping it onto the front of the shirt as a stand alone icon.


Click here to check out the Soular Tattoo Website.

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