Planning a Screen Printing Job

Cost Variables to Consider Before Starting a New Project

There are several factors and variable costs to be aware of when starting a new screen printing project. Price is determined by quantity, number of colors in the artwork, and the size of the print. Make sure to check our pricing guide for quantity breakdowns to be sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. We have a sizing reference guide which will indicate cost increases on a per size basis.Our standard print size is 11 x 17 and below. We have size level increases of 13 x 19, 16 x 20, and 18 x 24. Upload your artwork on the start project tab or check our price list guide for size restrictions and references.

There are many ways to make your project incredibly awesome while also being conscious of cost by sticking to a few simple guidelines. We can get creative with placement options.Full front, full back, sleeves and inside tag printing are all very easy and achievable from a production standpoint. Anytime you consider going over sleeves, seams or collars be aware that these are very tricky and time consuming. Most times we can hold the integrity of your prints and avoid these trouble spots.When you see allover prints or wraparound prints, they are typically achieved by a process called “cut and sew” this process requires very high minimums and can be expensive.

We can take this look into consideration and hold the integrity of the style you envision without having to go this route. These are some of the reasons we love to be so involved in your project.We don’t want to see you pay premiums if you don’t have to. Tricks tips are always helpful when trying to get creative and unique in the printing process.

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