Relationship Tips | Brand To Consumer

Relationship Tips | Brand To Consumer

What is the glue that binds successful relationships?

What is glue and why do people use it? Well my assumption is that for most cases, it would be for components or objects to stick together, creating a lasting bond. Like your typical Elmer's glue, I find that there are similarities in brand to consumer and brand to development partner relationships.The backbone to creating a sustainable and successful future is to create a bond built on trust and respect. When your products are able to convey a message and feeling through the consumer's experience, it creates a self empowered success that moonlights the very reason for creating a life of your dreams. Directing that vision into a structured and methodical experience for your consumers and production team is imperative. I can honestly say whether you are using Superior Ink as your printer or the dude down the street printing out of his garage, most all printers truly care about putting out quality work.The disconnect often falls on miscommunication rather than integrity or experience. More often than not, when big failures or mistakes happen it is because something, somewhere along the lines got misspoken or misunderstood which caused the end result to be different than what was envisioned. The first step in creating a successful bond is always communication.

The more you can articulate your expectations, the better the final result will be. Communications is the glue that creates this bond. Think about it like the relationship between a tattoo artist and his client. Most people that plan to get something on their body for the rest of their lives are going to put some serious thought into the overall concept.

The more accurate you can be with explaining your vision, the more direction the artist has when creating the sketch. It is a collaborative process that has synergy between both parties involved. We have created many resources and guidelines to help the first stages to become as direct and detailed as possible. By covering all bases you are creating a good foundation to build an even better product.

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