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Welcome to the game-changing world of influencer merchandising! This isn't just a chance to boost your brand - it's a full-on adventure that blends your unique...

Influencer merch | The game-changing world of merchandising

Welcome to the game-changing world of influencer merchandising! This isn't just a chance to boost your brand - it's a full-on adventure that blends your unique vibe with epic, eco-friendly, custom merchandise. Get ready to take this ride, because it's not just about cashing in; it's about forging stronger bonds with your fans, supercharging your brand's mojo, and setting the pace in being kind to our planet. We're all about co-creating custom merch that's a spitting image of what your brand stands for, something that your followers just can't resist.

Whether you're dipping your toes in or ready to make some serious waves with your latest drop, remember this: your influence is huge, way beyond just digital. Time to splash it onto some awesome merch that hits home, sparks inspiration and nudges the world a bit. Jump on board this journey, and watch as your influence, and yeah, your bank balance, skyrockets.

At our core, we're all about collaborating with creators from every corner - TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. When your digital charisma meets our merch magic, it's like fireworks. And the best part? This is an untapped goldmine. By just tuning into this blog, you're already leading the influencer pack.

Most influencers are fixated on platform earnings or affiliate cash. We're here to shift that influence from screen to reality, making your fan interactions tangible, stress-free, and profitable. Think about it: a 25% revenue boost and a deeper impact on every follower. This article is dedicated to making sure that your influence comes off the screen and into the hands of your fans without adding any stress to your life, and giving you the ability to make money like the true entrepreneur you are. What are you waiting for?

Custom Merchandise

Build A Brand Relevant To Your Audience With Custom Merchandise

In the world of content creation, your brand is your identity. You stand out because you are unique, something about your channel or profile connects with your audience in a way that others don't. So why settle for generic, print-on-demand stuff with just a logo? That's brick! But we see people do it all the time by sticking a cutsey logo on a water bottle and calling it "merch".  Nah, that's not us. We believe in making merch that's as unique as you are.

Our definition of merch is the embodiment of uniqueness in each custom design. When we sit with an influencer to create a design, we want to know it fully encapsulates what the brand represents and the personality behind the brand. This way, your followers fall for your merch just like they fell for your content.

So, now you know why a powerful design is important, now you are probably wondering how we make that happen. Simply by crafting something original. You get to directly collaborate with a graphic designer on our team who walks you through each step of the design process while learning all about your brand and the message you want your merchandise to scream to the world.

It may be our favorite part of the process, just because we get to be a part of the creation of crave-worthy designs that breathe life into the apparel they go onto.

Tip: Think beyond brand colors and logos. Incorporate something your followers are going to feel apart of. It could be a catch-phrase or inside joke that only you and they would recognize. Out in the wild of day to day life they will connect with others from your tribe and strenghten your community even more. Think of Bob Ross merch with "I like to beat the brush...beat the devil out of it".  If they get it, they're part of your world.

The Making of Influencer Merch: The Sustainability Factor

As an influencer, by definition, you have a lot of... influence. What this does is open up an important opportunity with your branded merch. It makes it possible for you to "rally the troops" so to speak for causes that you care about. Since you've found yourself here on our site, we are pretty confident you are the kind of soul that cares deeply about the planet. We could be wrong, and you are reading this after throwing a pop can out the window and smothering an owl. Even if you aren't a full-on sustainability advocate we're pretty darn sure you didn't do anything like that.

What you may not have considered on your merch-making journey is the ability to align your values and causes with the merch you produce, starting with the apparel you print on. It matters because 92 million tons of clothing end up in landfills each year.

With that in mind, when producing more apparel that has the potential to become waste it is even more important to consider high-quality merch to put your brand on. With 3 out of every 5 consumers considering sustainability as an important factor when they are buying apparel, it's more crucial than ever to give the people what the people want. We know that you want to give your followers something they'll love and be proud to wear. Your influence here is golden.

Bottom line, when getting ready to produce your own branded merch, consider not only the design but how it's printed and what it's printed on. If any of this wasn't something you even considered when thinking about merch production, you are in the right place. We vet each blank we use as the canvas for your design, and we align your design with the best sustainable method to get it seamlessly onto the fabric. This will ensure that your followers will always be getting what they want and they get to brag about the environmental responsibility your brand shows. Now that's influence at its finest!

Another Pro Tip: Flaunt this eco-friendly angle when you promote your merch. It'll show your audience they're getting something special, something that's not just a buy-and-toss item. This adds a layer of quality and longevity to your brand that scratchy polyester just can't match.
Influencer merch

Effective Strategies for Maximizing Off-Platform Potential

At this point, we hope you are excited about the sustainable side of merch production and ready to start crafting a design worthy of your brand. Just in case you need an extra little push, here are some strategies we see working time and time again for influencers brave enough to dive into this blue ocean.

You have a unique advantage as an influencer over other brands who want to create merch. You have a dedicated die-hard audience that is obsessed with all! Most brands start by producing merch and then trying to build an audience to buy it, but you can bypass all that and go right into sales because your audience is built in and clamoring for more! It's all sounding pretty smart, huh?

You're already earning from your platforms, and adding merch just layers on that entrepreneur vibe. It's like a podcaster adding a Patreon tier – more income without sacrificing existing revenue streams.

This also keeps you from really having to advertise your merch in a way that costs you money. You simply talk about it or wear it while producing your normal routine of content and WHAM! Sales! It also means you can produce merch without the extra cost of advertising stealing your bottom line moolah. What does that mean for the back end of sales? A hella lotta profit.

Most brands we've seen that have taken this approach are realizing 25% additional revenue just by creating merch. What would 25% more mean for you?

For the brand Cozy Sun, in one collection drop with all the right ducks in a row, they generated an additional hundred thousand dollars off of their organic following, with no ads needed. Pretty dope, huh?

We thought so! We've seen it work for more and more brands, and it's an incredible opportunity for any brand that wants to go to the next level.

Influencer Marketing: What Are The "Right Ducks"?

First, be sure that your brand is ready for monetization through merch. Because it does take some upfront investment both time and money, be sure your online presence is strong enough to support the undertaking. This opportunity works perfectly for influencers with dedicated fans and eyeballs on their platform. This is what feeds the organic reach of your marketing efforts once your merch does land, and it keeps things from going haywire after merch has been produced.

Yet Another Pro Tip: If you haven't grown to this point yet but are super jazzed for the next step, consider a strategic partnership with other influencers and content creators that can boost your visibility and reputation. Just beware that if these are paid opportunities, they may cut into your bottom line so be sure and factor that in when pricing your merch.

Next, you are also going to need a sales platform to showcase your newly minted swag. An online storefront like Shopify or even the platform you are producing on can be used to make the sales, and checkout process easier without people leaving the platform. Be sure if you are a big-time influencer that your website can withstand the volume of orders that a collection drop can cause. The last thing you want to do is deal with a website crash when your drop happens. If the idea of getting orders, tracking inventory, and fulfillment scares you... you are not alone. We work with lots of influencers who leave all of those stressful details to us, while they focus on sales and producing quality content for their audience.

If you want that peace of mind too, we'll partner with you at each stage of your e-commerce journey to make sure that from design to delivery nothing is left to chance. The last thing you want for internet buzz around your apparel drop is that it all looked crappy and arrived 3 weeks late. We get it. Our team works directly with your brand goals to handle each step in production, right down to shipping out the package. Oh, and that package is completely sustainable and on-brand. How's that for peace of mind? Yeah, looks like there are going to be some viral unboxings in your future!

Will You Dive Into This Blue Ocean Opportunity?

Wrapping this up, jumping into influencer merch is way more than just a brand-boosting gig – it's an epic adventure that marries your one-of-a-kind flair with the awesome power of eco-friendly, tailor-made merch. By hopping on board, you're not just opening up a new cash flow; you're tightening your bond with your fans, cranking up your brand's vibe, and setting a trend in eco-coolness. We work together to make sure every merch piece is a bang-on match to your brand's heartbeat and ethos, turning it into a fan magnet. So, whether you're just peeking into this uncharted blue ocean or gearing up to launch a smashing new collection, keep this in mind: your influence isn't just a digital thing. It's time to splash it onto real-world merch that clicks, motivates, and shakes things up. Dive into this epic journey, and get ready to see your influence—and your wallet—balloon to awesome new levels! Wanna chat about it? Give us a shout!

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