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In a world full of endless Google searches, false promises, and overwhelming choices, we’re here to be your guiding star in the screen printing universe...

How To Get Merchandise Made

Ya gotta love Google, a place where you can type in any query and be bombarded and confused almost instantly with thousands of different opinions, options, and offers. It's so helpful...until it's not. Until it's overwhelming and causes analysis paralysis, and you go back to scrolling the 'gram.

But truthfully, you have already made the hardest decision of all. The decision to START! And that my friend is more than the other 99% of people are willing to do.

So, we thought it only right and fair of us to clear out the noise of the mass media and all of the opinions and make one thing in life (that we happen to be masters of) as easy and stress-free as possible. It's the reason you clicked on this article.

You want to make custom merchandise. That is what we do. All day every day.

How To Get Merchandise Made

Think of it as a Pinterest-worthy "5 ingredients or less recipe":

1. Filling Out an Order Form Like a Boss

You've got vision and we've got ink. So, the first step? Let's make it official with our hassle-free order form. Simply tell us your desired quantity, sizing, and a brief description of your dream design. The vibe you're going for? We’re all ears. The best part? No complex jargon or hidden terms. We keep things straight up, just how you like it.

2. Choosing an Eco-Friendly Blank

Wanna wear your values? So do we. Sustainability isn't just a trend, it's a lifestyle. That's why we offer a line of eco-friendly blanks. Think of soft, high-quality, and earth-loving fabrics that don't break the bank. With us, you're not just making a style statement, but an eco-statement too. Look good, feel good, and do good. Easy peasy.

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Blank

3. Crafting That Custom Design

This is where the magic happens. Our team of dedicated design wizards is here to bring your vision to life. Want a splash of vintage charm? Perhaps a modern twist? Or maybe a design that's so out-of-the-box it can't even see the box? We've got your back. You dream it, we create it. It's like having your own personal design entourage. Your idea, our ink. A match made in screen printing heaven.

Crafting That Custom Design

4. Full Order Fulfillment with a Cherry on Top

You've been a rockstar through the first three steps. Now, lean back and let us do our thing. We ensure meticulous attention to detail at every stage, from prepping screens to the final print. Once done, we pack it up all neat and tidy, ensuring your custom merch reaches you in pristine condition. Our team’s got some serious packing skills – every order is like unboxing a present from your coolest friend (that's us!).

Full Order Fulfillment with a Cherry on Top

To Wrap It Up...

In a world full of endless Google searches, false promises, and overwhelming choices, we’re here to be your guiding star in the screen printing universe. We’re not just about slapping ink on fabric. No, siree! We're about bringing your vision, passion, and story to life in the most kickass, eco-friendly way possible.

So, whether you’re a band, a startup, or just someone with an awesome idea for a tee, remember – you've already done the hard bit by deciding to start. Let us handle the rest.

Because at the end of the day, you're not just making custom merchandise. You're making a statement. And we’re honored to help you shout it out to the world.

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