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Designing and creating custom work shirts for your business can be challenging.  Here's out complete guide to the process so you get it right the first time!

Custom Work Shirts and Staff Shirts - Guide

Sourcing and Producing Custom Work Shirts

You may not know a thing about screenprinting, but we are the professionals ready to work for you and your company. Our resources will give you a better idea of how to create a fresh first impression for your customers with professional custom work shirts / staff shirts.We produce custom work shirts, tanks, hoodies, and more, for all clients big and small with the same high level of quality and attention to detail. From picking garments, to creating mockups, printing and all the way to the delivery process, you will have transparent communication with our experienced and dedicated team members. We aim to exceed your expectations and not only leave you with a SUPERIOR product, but also a SUPERIOR experience every time. Here is a quick guide on how to create custom work shirts for your company and staff.

Establishing a Custom Apparel Budget

This is the most overlooked step in fulfilling an order. Having a budget established for a year’s worth of garments and ordering in high volume is more cost effective than creating multiple orders in small batches. It is valuable to forecast a quantity that will cover 6-12 months, because buying in custom work shirts in bulk will significantly reduce the cost per garment and save time and money in the long run.Garments are lumped into three categories as far as pricing for finished products(Printed Tees, Printed Polos, and Premium Garments).

  • Printed tees typically go for $10-15 per finished product.
  • Printed Polos typically go for $13-17 per finished product.
  • Premium garments typically go for $15+ per finished products.

Remember that extra large sizes typically cost more and multiple print and embroidery locations are additional costs to keep in mind. These estimates for custom work shirts are subject to change based upon many variables and should only be used as a reference.

Choosing Garments for Staff Shirts

Many suppliers provide work garments from Basic tees to Dickies/ Carhartt and even collared business shirts. We have the ability to source over 100,000 different types of garments.  If you can find it better, no problem. Let us know and we can print on shirts supplied by you.Fabric is what is most important to us. 100% cotton is the most printable fabric. Blended shirts will print, but may not perform as well as a full cotton canvas. Fabrics light in color work the best. Both plastisol and water-based ink have a very low opacity which means they are not vivid when printed on dark garments. In order to allow for bright tones we need to print a white base which is considered an additional color and in turn an additional cost. Do not let price dictate the quality of garment you chose. Invest in your company and make choices that will leave an important first and lasting impression. Remember, we are here to assist you with your choice if ever you need help!

Artwork for Custom Work Shirts

Artwork is the most influential part of creating a product with the “wow factor”, that everyone will be talking about. If you have artwork and/or a logo, we can directly use the vectorized artwork (Photoshop or Illustrator) used to create it and make magic happen. If you have artwork or a logo that needs to be re-created, we can rework the graphics for you. Additionally,  If you just have an idea and would like us to create your vision, we have experienced graphic artists ready to entertain you ideas.

Order Quotes

This is where it all comes together and a foundation is formed. We will be able to use our experience to supply you with an easy to understand quote that you can show to other leadership members within your company and make sure that all terms are agreeable. To create a custom quote, we will need to know the type of garment requested, sizes and colors of the garments, location/s of the graphics to be applied, and the artwork, so we can seperate the art to see how many colors we need to print and to create mockups further into production.

Mockups - Custom Garments

Once you approve of the quote, we can create mockups for you. These mockups include a graphic representation of the design for each location where we have applied a design.After the mockups are approved, we can then order the garments to be shipped to us here in Denver, Colorado. This does take some time and is one of the only variables that we cannot control. In the meantime, we plan your job and gather the necessary resources to start your order.


The second most exciting point in the process! Embroidered pieces are taken from embroidery if there is anything sewn on the garment. All garments are  staged to be printed and production begins. The first test print that we make will be sent to you for approval. Shirts are loaded onto the press and unloaded once they make it around, picking up colors as the press pushes ink. They are then sent down the conveyor oven and “shook” once they land in a bin. Quality control is administered throughout the whole process and every garment is hand folded and examined for any pinholes or breakdowns in the graphic. We then fold and package once they are all printed.

Opening Your Custom Work Shirts

The most exciting point has arrived. You get to open and feel the garments that were passionately created. Whether you are picking up your shirts in Denver, or getting them shipped to your location, there is no other experience like opening up something that will help to positively grow your company. Our family here at Superior Ink thanks you for letting us do our thing. Hopefully this will help you with your passions as well!

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