Brewery Merchandising - Grow Your Brand and Profit!

Craft beer is more than just an intoxicating blend of flavors; it's a story, an experience, and a legacy. Much like the richness of a finely brewed ale, the potential of turning a drink into a brand legacy is heady and invigorating.

It might seem impossible to take the sense of nostalgia and belonging that a great brewery can create, and transition that into something tangible.

Your brewery produces brews that are uniquely yours, and you deserve to tap into something special that goes beyond a night of brewskis.

Let's do a hard pour and discover just how custom merchandise can make your brewery the talk of the town.

Craft Your Brand

Everyone’s gunning for that “it” factor, right? You, my brew-savvy friend, want it on steroids.

A brand that's so potent, that people can feel the cool condensation of the glass just thinking about it. Whispering to their pals, "You're living under a rock if you haven’t tried this beer!".

So, where does merch slide into this dream? Think about the power of visuals. A stellar design does more than just grab eyeballs; it tugs at the heartstrings. It sparks emotion, nostalgia, and a sudden pang of... thirst.

This means saying goodbye to the "just a logo" brand of merch.

Logos have their place, if you are a mega brand...but unless you are the most interesting man in the world, you might need more than that to be able to move merch.

Your beer’s essence? Unique. Distinct. One-of-a-kind. So, shouldn’t your merch scream the same? Say goodbye to vanilla and usher in the era of bold, unforgettable merch.

Quick Tip: Work with a designer to create unique designs that coincide with your seasonal brews. Not only will it promote something you need to move in a season, but it will also help sell the merch faster when patrons know these are "limited editions". Need a way to get started designing custom merch? Work with one of our amazing designers, fill out our 3-minute design form, and let it go down easy!

Custom Profit

Let's talk numbers because, well, who doesn't like to see profits pouring in? You've got a golden goose with your brew, with profit margins for beers and ales sitting at about 45%. That means that on average, a $5 pour puts a tidy $2.25 in your pocket. But what if I told you there's more gold to mine?

Picture this scenario: a guy, riding high on that beer buzz, is ready to wrap up. But wait – he spots a rack of hoodies, each artfully printed with a sick design representing the beer he just had. Without thinking, he grabs one. It’s $60. Do the math. If you spent about $20 making it, that's a cool $40 profit for you, just from that hoodie. Tack on the drinks, and that modest tab gets a fat boost. Who knew brand loyalty could be so darn lucrative?

That doesn't mean your brewery merchandise is just for the recently imbibed crowd to purchase, it also makes incredible souvenirs for tourists, and gifts for all times of the year.

With each merch sale, you are looking at adding a hefty amount to the average customer value. Similar to adding value by way of noshing items like nachos and fries, but with custom merchandise, there's no extra staff or equipment required. Plus with every new design, you create a repeat customer.

Quick Tip: Custom merch can also be a huge value add at things like Brew Festivals, or when hosting a tasting. Think of ways to display your merch front and center like a store and think about having staff wear your custom clothing at events that are community-based.

For the Love of the Brew

It's the million-dollar question: how do you get people to not just love your brew, but live it? Easy. Make 'em feel like they're part of your crew. When they strut around town flaunting your brand on their chest, they're doing more than just making a fashion statement. They're pledging allegiance to your brand. They become brand evangelists, spreading the gospel of your heavenly brew. It's organic, it’s real, and it’s marketing gold.

Merch is more than fabric; it’s a memory stitched with love. A souvenir from the fantastic evening they had at your brewery. They’re not just flaunting a shirt or beanie; they're sharing a snippet of a story. And guess what? All paths in that story lead back to you.

Quick Tip: Most supporters of microbrews and local brewpubs are more interested in quality than the average beer drinker. They care about their community and are in essence supporting it by choosing to drink at your brewery. Why not return the favor by making custom merchandise they are proud to wear, something sustainable and soft is a surefire way to make your brand even more enticing and will last much better than other non-sustainable options.

Bringing It All Home: Brewing a Brand Legacy

The world of craft beer? It's a battlefield. But it's not enough to just wield a killer brew. You've got to master the art of branding too. Your challenge is twofold: crafting a delectable beer and brewing a magnetic brand presence.

Custom merch is your secret weapon. It's that bridge connecting the rich taste of your brew with the enduring memories of your patrons. It's the tool that magnifies your brand's visibility while deepening customer loyalty roots.

So, dear Brewmaster, as you concoct your next master brew, let this simmer in the back of your mind: Your beer, that delicious elixir, is the rhythm that makes hearts race. Your merch? That's the melody they hum long after the night is over. We're here to help you craft your custom merchandise whenever you're ready. Bottoms up!

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