Allmade Introduces Sustainably Manufactured Clothing

As Americans in a culture of rapid consumption, it’s easy to believe that cheaper and faster is better. Many of us have closets overflowing with clothing. From shoes and outerwear to shirts and pants, fast fashion makes buying clothes at affordable prices as simple as clicking a button online.

The wholesale cost of blank T-shirts produced in bulk can be as little as $2 a shirt. Retailers mark up prices making healthy profits on these garments while still being able to pass along savings to customers. But, low cost manufacturing comes with many hidden costs, our environment and the laborers that make these garments suffer.

Do you know the story behind your T-shirt?

In a world that celebrates glamour, fame, and instant gratification, the only constant is change. Together, we have the power to make change that’s positive and long lasting.

Make a Positive Impact with Allmade

Superior Ink is a founding member and 1 of only 10 distributors of Allmade garments in the US. We’re proud to be a part of this revolution and shape the way this new model works.  We’re committed to inspiring business leaders to join us as we change the pattern of exploitative apparel manufacturing. Interested in purchasing Allmade garments or finding out more about our difference? Check out

Call us at 303-761-4106 and take a stand for sustainably made garments.  We love sharing our passion for Allmade’s mission.

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